The two sensor cleans we offer are an Express clean and a Pro clean. 

For the express clean we aim to remove 90-95% of dust etc and for the Pro Clean our target is to remove around 95-99%.

NB: Experience has shown us it is almost impossible to get a sensor back to 100% clean, (there is always 1 or 2 specks that will simply not move). We take a deposit of $70 when sending items for sensor clean and it takes approximately 7 days.

We can also send your camera to Leica for a sensor clean. Leica will often clean a sensor at no charge when cameras are sent for service/recalibration. This will usually take 6-8 weeks return. We take a deposit of $126.50 which is refunded on return if there is no other charge.

If you would like a sensor clean please complete our service and repair form below and send it to us with your camera or email us for pricing at